Executive Search Services

We're immersed and committed to what we do.

6TWELVEGROUP is a well-established executive search and recruitment firm that provides top-level executive job placement services to employers and job seekers alike.
Our company is committed to providing exceptional, personalized, and professional executive job placement services that meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients.

 We find the talent that will meet the unique needs of your business, we will reduce your time to hire and we are proud of our work.
At 6TWELVEGROUP, our executive job placement services will deliver strongly qualified candidates for your open positions.
Our services include thorough and detailed candidate screenings, assessments, evaluations and placement.
We collaborate closely with our clients to understand the specific requirements and needs of their roles, the culture of their organization along with company-specific parameters which provide us the details necessary to identify candidates in our network that will be a great fit for your company.

 We are dedicated to contributing to the future, value, and growth of companies and careers.
For job seekers looking for career advancement, 6TWELVEGROUP provides a range of services to assist in your job search.
Our experts work closely with you to identify job opportunities that align with your qualifications, skills and career objectives.

 We are optimistic, detail oriented, well connected and possess the track record to stand behind our claims.
As an executive search and recruitment firm, 6TWELVEGROUP has an established reputation for providing exceptional services to our clients and candidates.
We are committed to providing personalized, customized services that meet the unique needs of both clients and job seekers.

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